Wednesday, July 25, 2012

30 Days to clean: Day 11

Not perfect, but WAY better!
11 days, my house is feeling cleaner, yet everywhere I look there are still piles of things to get to. I don't know about you, but I have a counter in my kitchen where stuff just piles up. (No I didn't get to it today, what kind of procrastinator would I be, if it only took until day 11?)

Instead I tackled the other bathroom. My cleaning list scheduled the master, bed and bathrooms for today. Since I vacuumed yesterday, It didn't take long to wipe down the surfaces and I was done. I spent a long time in the bathroom, specifically in the shower. I scrubbed until I couldn't anymore, and still didn't get it as clean as I would like. I hope with regular scrubbing I will be able to finish getting rid of the hard water marks.

In the past 24 hours, several people have commented that they wished, they had my energy. As I was forcing myself to scrub the shower doors, I remembered a saying "bravery is action in spite of fear". Energy works the same, it is action in spite of exhaustion. I don't want to do this anymore than you. I am praying daily for the energy to finish this goal. I also just keep hoping that at the end of this 30 days, I will be able to relax a bit and be able to maintain the clean, without working so hard. I also keep hoping and praying that 30 days is enough to tame this beast, I have a lot of cleaning yet to do.

On the hard water stain highway today.
Mini project during girls nap time.
Knowing that you are reading everyday, makes me have to do it, so I have a photo. Since you are holding me accountable, that is the least I could do for you. What challenge are you facing? What goal do you have your sights set on? Have you made a plan? Do you want me to help you make a plan? Finally, and most importantly do not answer those questions anonymously, I want to keep in touch with you, and help you the way you are helping me.

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