Thursday, July 19, 2012

30 Days to Clean: Day 5

It's less colorful and more serene now.
Day 5: I chose this weekly cleaning list for week one. Today's task is to deep clean something. I will stick with this chore list through tomorrow, but it doesn't suit me, so I will try a different one next week. Since that is the program I committed to this week,  I went outside and worked on the car.

My kids, often, leave a wave of destruction in their wake. My poor car. I have a lot of friends who have a hard time remembering life before kids. I remember a clean car. It's not just the back seat either. Before kids, I never left garbage or paperwork, in the car. I would grab it on my way out or toss it when I got to my destination. Now I grab the kids, and whatever I need to survive where we stop.

All that remains are my camp chairs, umbrella,
emergency kit, and a spare cold food grocery bag,
for impulse ice cream buying on super hot days.
I spent 2 hours cleaning the inside of the car. In the trunk I vacuumed. (No more dirt stuck to the bottom of my milk jugs!) Since My Vet the mechanic had removed the spare and not properly put it away, I even cleaned under the spare before placing it back in and screwing the jack back down. I went through my emergency kit, tossing old/broken stuff, replaced flashlight batteries, and restocked the first aid kit.

In addition to vacuuming the entire car, I washed the carseats and covers, wiped down all of the hard surfaces, wiped out the cup holders, spot cleaned the back seat, cleaned the windows and mirrors, then went through the glovebox. I quit in order to get to a meeting. After, the girls and I drove through a carwash for the exterior.

A friend commented that since it took me 2 hours to only clean the inside, I might be OCD. What do you think? How long does it take you to clean out your car?


  1. Anonymous7/19/2012

    The mechanic put that spare away after replacing the whole suspension under your car, not I.

  2. :-) I updated to clear your good name!


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