Frugal DIY

Special thanks to the Ground Force team for inspiring this bubbling boulder.
I am a DIY junkie. It started when I was a newlywed. We lived in an old mobile home near Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. On Saturday mornings, when we couldn't escape the heat of our tin box at school or work, we would sit as near the window unit as we could and watch PBS. Hometime, This Old House, and Bob Yappin About Your House quickly became our "Must See TV". In the afternoon when it got even hotter, we would head to the air conditioned public library and spend hours looking at House Beautiful, and Better Homes and Gardens, dreaming about one day... Then in the days before HGTV **gasp**, we were able to afford satellite. So now in addition to my beloved PBS programs I was able to fall in love with Changing Rooms. The BBC precursor to Trading Spaces, sorry Paige and Ty you were fun, but Carol and Handy Andy had big shoes to try and fill. Along with Ground Force, a BBC Yard Crashers if you will, were I first saw Alan, Charlie, and Tommy install a bubbling boulder. It was really those two BBC programmes that showed me I could do it.

My DIY projects:

Rain Barrel

Wall Art

Date Art

Laundry Soap

Frosted Glass

Hardware Update

Garage Sale Tips

Water Game

Doll Furniture

Hard Water Stain Removal

Clean Washing Machine

Christmas Decorations

Chair Upholstery

Decal Backsplash

Popcorn removal

Floor Repair

Recessed Lights

Energy Efficient

Garage Sale Tips

Growth Chart

Brown AND Upside Down?


Chair Repair

Picture Shelf

Bathroom Update

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