Monday, June 17, 2013

Up on the Shelves

Yep, I'm a tortoise.. I'm not talking about my tough exterior, or my penchant for vegetables, or thick legs that keep me balanced, it's about my not so lighting fast speed.

Three months after camouflaging my bathroom walls. I have finally started adding some wall decor.

Ana White via YHL shared plans for floating shelves that could easily be customized. I have some skills gleaned from decades of watching home improvement shows, but me best asset is a Father-in-law who has hands on experience, a plethora of tools at his disposal, and seems to enjoy me sharing blueprints with him!

He built them per Anna's excellent plans and customized to my designated length/width. I even got him to help with installation! One side was securely fastened to a stud and the other with a wall anchor. Preferably they would have both been fastened to studs, but with most home improvements, you work with what you've got.

After he installed the boards, I primed and painted the shelves that slipped over the boards.

I am glad too have some storage space again. I don't need a lot in this bathroom, so the baskets teamed with the open shelving works for us.

I'm still on the lookout for a cute way to hang the girls hooded towels and one more piece of art and a way to add some fun color.

I started with the yellow showed curtain, but found some dark pink hand towels at a couldn't be beat price. (They paid me to buy them) so now I'm thinking I'll embrace more of a kid friendly rainbow of colors hey it's their bathroom mainly so why not?

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