Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 9

The girls tending grandma's garden. We have
our own that we've already been harvesting.
How could we have gotten so far off the
path of healthy eating?
Yesterday was worth it! Another good morning on the scale. It was tough to leave church this morning seeing all the people with their iced coffee's, smoothies, and oversized muffins. Now we are safely home, and tucking into a nice green glass of juice.

Beacause of the heat outside, we spent the day inside playing with the girls, and doing a little cleaning. I had hoped to work on digging out that last stump in the front yard, but I am severely heat intolerant. So I chose to not get sick and tackle it another day. This heat is helping me work on a different yard project though. Earlier this week I spent a couple hours outside spraying weeds, and now they are all turning brown and starting to die!! Soon I will have a large area ready to till and reseed with grass.

Being that it is day 9 we have been "cheating" more. Chewing our fresh fruits and vegatables instead of juicing them all. We still had 3 juices today. Oranges, kiwi, strawberry, rhubarb for breakfast; garlic, red pepper, celery, cucumber, carrot for lunch; tomato, apple, garlic for dinner. Additionally, I had a handful of pecans, a bowl of steamed broccoli (way too nasty as a juice), and a bite of the girls dinner.

This "cheating" has led to a discussion on what we have learned and how we will continue to lose weight. The obvious answer is to dramatically increase our vegetable intake. Only a couple of years ago we were much better at eating a large portion of veggies to fill us up before eating anything else. This resulted in a dramatic 70 lb weight loss for My Vet. Home baked goodies won't be for daily snacks anymore, but for special things. I will get back in the habit of making ready to go veggie/fruit snack bags. Finally, dinner will have fresh produce, no cheesy anything, or pasta side dishes. The bottom line: lots more fruits and veggies instead of anything else.

Fresh Baked Sourdough Bread.
Personally, the hardest will be the baked goods. I have already stopped making fresh baked bread every week. (It was a cost saving measure, that was a waistline buster.) Curbing my craving for fresh from the oven goodies is going to be hard though! I will have to make due with 1 cheat day a week. :-(

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