Saturday, July 28, 2012

30 Days to clean: Day 13

I started treating last year so the little one
is my yard, and the the other is my neighbor's
Sorry I didn't post last night, but I was busy watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics. That part with the Queen parachuting out of the helicopter, was brilliant. I even laughed out loud when Mr. Bean tripped the runner. Did anyone else think that the petals creating the torch was cool?

I don't have a guest bathroom, so like last week, I went outside. I mowed the lawn, and raked out an area that I used round up on a few weeks ago. It is now ready for grass seed, probably this fall when it gets cooler.  I then sprayed for the creeping charlie. I started treating it last year and have made some significant strides, but noticed it popped up in a few spots while I was mowing. Creeping charlie is highly invasive, and hard to kill, So I tackle it ASAP.

I then sprayed for grubs, as that is what killed all the grass in the area I had to round up. Since, my mom was coming to visit for the weekend, I called it a day and got cleaned up.

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