Monday, July 9, 2012

First week after Juicing

My workout weights and exercise chart.
You were kind enough to follow me on my 10 day juice fast, so I thought I would post a follow up. I have been juice free for 1 week now. I am at a steady 11 lb's lost. I haven't lost anymore, but I haven't gained it back either. In addition to my regular level of activity, I have started the daily exercises recommended in the book 8 Minutes in the Morning. I ache all over, which hopefully means I am gaining muscle mass without gaining weight!  Essentially I am trying to burn more calories by increasing my muscle mass. (This is why men, notoriously, lose weight faster than women.) I do not intend on looking like a body builder, just wouldn't mind a little definition, and pre-baby abs would totally rock! (FYI my abs are getting a good workout, even coughing hurts, guess this is the first good workout I've given them since my C-sections.)

My diet has gone from snacking whenever I want, on whatever I want, to snacking on fresh veggies, fruit, and very little white flour items. (crackers, bread, pasta, etc.) I also have stopped eating after 7pm. I know that this is an old wives tale and it is about what not when you eat. It's just that after 7pm all I want to eat is not good for me.

I am also, not drinking my calories. On my weekly cheat day I had some soda, not smart for me, as I will have to battle that urge everyday for a while again. I'm primarily drinking water. I did make a batch of unsweetened sun tea that has been, a nice pick me up in the morning.
My freshly weeded and trimmed garden. Look at those
nice, neat rows of plants. We even found some ripe
tomatoes, and for the first time in 3 years peppers! (Thanks
in huge part to the new fence My Vet installed)

Over the weekend I did something I rarely do, and purchased some frozen steaks from a door-to-door salesman, They should be a good treat, grilled with veggies. This past weekend My Vet was out of town salmon fishing. If you have been following me for long, you know that means I usually have some projects up my sleeve. So for extra exercise this weekend. I dug out a dozen small trees from behind the garage; trimmed the trees that were hitting me in the head as I mowed; weeded the garden, and used a hand trimmer to trim the grass. (We have a power weed whacker, but I needed gas and the kids were napping....); scrubbed the kitchen floor. I really hate grout! I know that tile is an "upgrade" but I would love to rip mine out and install vinyl flooring. (My house is not of good enough quality for terrazzo, or that would be my preferred flooring choice.); and, spruced up a $5 garage sale find with some black paint;

$5 garage sale find. Still needs nobs
but I like it!
**Spoiler alert! My Vet should stop reading now.** I also pulled back the carpet and patched some areas in the original hardwood floor that had been ripped out and replaced by cheapo pine 1X6's. I then laid the carpet back down so that My Vet would be non the wiser. He hates, abhors, despises halfway finished projects, so this allows me to do it in stages, without him having to knowingly live in the midst of another unfinished project. (Technically, it is part of the unfinished fireplace project, as the new hearth requires attention to the flooring. :-) )

Because I have convinced myself that I am building muscle, this week I am not disappointed in stagnant weight loss. Next week though...!

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