Thursday, July 26, 2012

30 Days to clean: Day 12

Pretty typical view. In most of
my food photos, it is all pushed
to the side
14 days makes a habit. 12 days in, I am finding myself getting to lots of little cleaning things that have been nagging me. Instead of thinking "Oh I need to get to that...later", I am tackling it right away, since I have to do something every day, I have no excuse.

I really hope I can keep on top of it!
Even though I didn't get to the carpet cleaning on my internal deep clean list, I still kept pretty busy. I had another trip to the thrift store today, mailed a box of baby girl things, transplanted some flowers, delivered 2 large concrete rhubarb leaf casts that I made a while back, tackled a stack of paperwork that I brought up from the basement, and finally eliminated the largest, most nagging pile of "things to get to" on my kitchen peninsula.

** Special thanks to Renae and Becky your tips from yesterday, helped me with the hardwater stains in the kids bathroom! I went with the CLR spray, and it just melted off!

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