Tuesday, July 31, 2012

30 Days to Clean: Day 17

I only tackled half of the before, but I also
cleared the floor you couldn't see.
Today I worked a short day, but instead of working on this challenge. We went to a movie this morning. Tuesday's My Vet works late, so I was still able to spend a couple hours on my deep clean. I quickly dusted and washed the windows/mirrors in the living room, then headed to the basement. I haven't been back down there in a couple of weeks, and I still have a lot to do before I can paint.

Everything is now neatly put away. Camping cooking gear in one area, sleeping in another, a shelf devoted to leg braces, ice pumps, etc. My Vet has sustained his fair share of injuries over the years. He even limped down the isle to say "I Do".

This is from today, but VERY representative of how
much garbage each deep clean is generating.
I will get to the other half, before calling this 30 days over. I am stalled though, as I figure out the best way to dispose of lots of really old paint. Can I just toss dried out paint cans into the trash? I am not sure, so while I work on that, you will have to wait with baited breathe.

My garbage removal company will take old paint cans, provided they are 100% dried out. Otherwise they are considered hazardous waste, and need to be disposed of differently.

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