Monday, July 2, 2012

Juice on the Loose!

Not really going to miss these!
Today is the last day of the 10 day challenge. My Vet who's idea this was, is done, I am doing this last day on my own. This morning, a part of me wanted to keep going as the weight is melting off. Another part of me, knows that I can accomplish the same goal without depriving myself so much. Now I can't wait to eat some real food! With a regular diet you should only weigh yourself weekly. So I will be posting weekly on my continued weight loss. I will still entertain you with my projects around the house though. (You do find them entertaining, right?)

Thanks in part to the lovely juice you see to the left. (Part in that, no parts in that juice are in this one.) I now have a recipe for fresh squeezed orange juice that will nock your socks off if you ever have the pleasure of breakfast at my house. (I have heard that I make really good blueberry pancakes, and quiche. So I can almost throw down a complete meal now!)

Beating the heat, by camping in the living room.
Orange Juice
5 Oranges
1 Grapefruit
1 Lime
Peel all, leaving on as much of the white pith as you can. Juice on level 1

makes 4-5 8oz servings. (if you need to stretch this recipe, I would add a few more oranges before adding another grapefruit, or lime.)

Guest Room closet. I emptied it out
and added a shelf to hold the few
things that were left!
I really hate this heat. I really and truly can not spend any time in it. So I have hardly exercised and I am getting anxious. I spent some time cleaning in the basement, in my office, and in the guest room. I have been on a purging spree. I had a huge garage sale in early June that got me started. Now, I am tossing, giving stuff away and listing on craigslist. Although, now in the cleared areas I am finding I need to patch and paint... (My office is chaos, so don't hold your breath waiting for a picture. It is my junk/hoarder room. for now)

On a side note we have been composting all of our juicing waste. Uhhmmm... I thought the yard smelled bad before spring dog clean up.. 90 degree weather and 10 days worth of rotting vegetable/fruit puree.. Let's just say I am not so sure our neighbors love us.

For our last 'meal' we juiced, tomatoes, onion, celery, and carrots.

Now that I have made you wade through another day's rambling thoughts. Here is the information that you were really wanting:

I lost a total of 11 lb's in 10 days!

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