Sunday, July 1, 2012

Temptation Day

Full Disclosure: My girls split a small one and I couldn't
help but eat a couple bites of theirs!
Restrictive diets are always much easier to do at home, than on the road. We spent the day with family. Consequently, our resolve was sorely tested today; Chocolate chip cookies, chips, deli sandwiches, and hardest of all grilled steak. When I step on the scale in the morning, I really hope that it was worth it!  I did cheat again and ate some fresh fruit and a corn on the cob plain. (I enjoyed it, even without butter!!)

Helping grandma water the garden. We normally eat a
LOT of fruits and veggies. Just not juiced.
I convinced My Vet to get by on 24 hours with 2 juice flavor selections. That way we would be able to carry all the fruit and vegetables that we would need, in 1 bag with the juicer in another. (I pride myself in being efficient, and that includes packing. Before kids, I did my best to pack so that everything could get carried in and out in one trip. Now I shoot for doing it in two trips. I am also slowly training the girls to help so that we can get it back to one trip.)

Hope you have a great 4th Of July week!
I thought yesterday's exercise was light. Today we slept late, walked around the Red River Zoo, sat and watched a movie, sat and visited, and then to round out the strenuous exercise, sat in the car.

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