Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Dreams

 When I was a kid, my parents made sure to give us lots of great memories. One of my favorites happened in the summer. The public swimming pool had family night once a week. On that night you were allowed to bring inflatables! As a child that was a big deal. As if that wasn't enough fun. After our swim, all seven of us would pile into the family station wagon and drive to "the A&W" to get a milk jug full of root beer, then home. At home, we would sit on the front porch, swatting bugs, talking to passersby, and sipping on our root beer floats.

As you could probably imagine, root beer floats remain one of my favorite flavors of summer.

Today was that last day of daycare before school starts back up, so I brought in ice cream and root beer, so that 60 kids could have a taste of old fashioned summer. The best part though, was that I brought in too much, so we got to have them again at home with My Vet!

(Don't you just love these cute glasses I picked up at a garage sale in Iowa?)

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