Friday, August 10, 2012

30 Days to Clean: Day 26

Clear path, and wheelbarrow no longer
exposed to the elements.
Hello. My name is Cindy, and I am a recovering hoarder.

I am extremely glad that today is Friday. The weather is superb, and my energy level is holding strong. I mowed the lawn and then spent a little over 2 hours cleaning the garage. I had cleaned it out for a garage sale earlier this summer, mistakenly giving me the impression I could do it in an afternoon. It seems as though I mostly just pushed stuff out of the way, and not actually organized, cleaned, or purged.

I am glad no one was here today, to hear my off key singing to the radio, with occasional outbursts of "Why did we save this crap?"

The floor was in pretty good shape, as I had mopped that before the sale. I got all the shovels, rakes etc off the floor and finally hung. I cleared a nice large path from the door, finally finding a spot for the wheelbarrow!  And purged my garden bench.

***Sigh*** Still needs to be done.
But the shelves... I am going to have to spend another afternoon to get that done. I also have several boxes of stuff from my basement clean, that need to find a home in the garage. I also, filled another garbage bin. (I had to start prepping for a family camping trip. Which is why I quit before finishing)

In addition to the garbage bin, I once again used craigslist to push my rubbish onto some other unsuspecting hoarder. Throughout this clean, I have been able to creatively get rid of much of the clutter. I could have spend $100 if I would have tossed in all in the truck and headed for a landfill. Instead it was free, and re-purposed!


  1. I wonder where my comment went! ? U r my hero! I've had all summer and done...squat!

  2. Thanks Jo! 30 days of clean after 8 years of chaos makes me a dubious hero though. I will relish the praise though. Thanks!!


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