Tuesday, August 7, 2012

30 Days to Clean: Day 22

Not YET 100% dried paint cans.
It's Monday again, and I apparently had too much fun this weekend. I spent the better part of today, cleaning up from the weekend. I contact the garbage company about removing old paint cans, and contacted Culligan about removing a really heavy old water tank.

The helpful gal at Culligan suggested using the air compressor to remove the water, in order to make it light enough to lift out. Obviously she does not follow this blog. Since I knew that the hose wouldn't reach the basement. I grabbed the foot pump we use for the air mattresses when camping and got to work. Even lighter, it was still really heavy. I muscled it out and then used a trolley to get it to the garage. I did then, use the air compressor to blow out the remaining water. Then loaded in the trunk, and headed off to St. Cloud.

Finally, late in the day I was able to tackle today's cleaning. The kitchen goes fast, as I keep up throughout the week. I really only needed to wipe down the faucet, and wash the floor. For deep clean I emptied out the display cabinets in the dining room and completely dusted the shelves and the dishes. I intentionally went light on the deep clean after my busy day.

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