Sunday, August 12, 2012

30 Days to Clean: Days 27 and 28

My Vet helped with this one, so we
could get it done on time.
It's my fourth and final weekend of the challenge! I still have areas that I haven't gotten too, but things are looking pretty awesome around here. Our driveway area has a giant pothole that is reaking havoc with our cars, and the piles of brush have been piling up as this challenge progressed. Now that all of the stumps are out, it is time to fill the various holes in the yard.

In order to stay true to the challenge, and still enjoy our summer. I decided to accomplish this weekend task, during my spare time during the week. That way we could go camping this weekend. It made for some really long days, but I am glad we did it!
My Vet carted off the brush for me. I grabbed a shovel and a wheelbarrel and got to work. I cleared all of the mulch out of the area, and spread it in my cleaned out pines. I wheeled away several loads of top soil and filled all those holes in the yard. I will seed in the near future. My goal was to remove all of the soft top layer, so that the gravel being brought in would pack down tight and create a nice, firm area for driving and parking trailers.

I am also doing the same thing behind the garage where the bulk of our winter firewood and the garbage cans are stored. I even called the garbage company about replacing the recycle can that has had a broken axle for years.

I know that throughout this challenge I have been finally tackling problems that have been evident for years, I am not exaggerating. Things had really gotten that out of control. No wonder I just kept thinking "I would get to it later", I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. If that is you, I am working on a easy to follow checklist for you to do what I did.

We now have a clean, uncluttered arrival home from any direction, and also spent some great family time "Up North"!

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  1. Cindy - we all do that "get to it later' thing (well, dad doesn't :) but ) it gets very 'normal' to see things out of place and get used to it! Good for you! I'm impressed.


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