Wednesday, August 8, 2012

30 Days to Clean: Day 24

I washed the master bedroom windows yesterday.
Inside only, so still a little cloudy.
In anticipation of a long day. I got started with today's cleaning, yesterday. Although I am not sure if that actually made today seem longer. Helping take almost 40 kids to the children's museum, is going to wear you out, regardless.

Tomato, Tomato, Tomatoes!
After getting home, I had intended to fired up the carpet cleaner and head to the master bedroom.  Then I walked through the alley on my way home from the daycare, and right by the garden. My tomato plants were full. I could not, put off picking and processing another day. So I settled the girls, and grabbed the largest bowl I could find. I then proceeded to fill it two times. I added them to the tomatoes that had already been ripening on the counter. I had plenty of work cut out for me.

I blanched and peeled all of the tomatoes, including the cherry tomatoes. Yep, this obsession of getting rid of things, is reaching truly crazy levels. I then used them to make a large batch of Chili and Tomato Basil Soup. I then processed them in the canner based on the ingredient with the longest processing time. I consulted my favorite canning book for times and pressures.

5 hours of effort in one small image!
In order to not fall behind, I will clean the carpet tomorrow, in addition to tomorrow's deep clean.

I am already beating myself up, a little, for not getting to it today, even though I cleaned extra yesterday.  ***Hint, Hint, please keep your "fail" comments to yourself. :-)***

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