Tuesday, August 14, 2012

30 Days to Clean: Day 30

Sunset on Lake Kabetogama.
I get to coast right on out of this challenge, Not. Being day 30, of a 30 day challenge, I could procrastinate no longer. My office has become the dumping ground of the house. As I cleaned the house, I did my best to no longer say "I'll get to it later". It was a self preservation move. I knew I had a room in my house Full of "I'll get to it later" things. It was the room that when company came I ran through the house grabbing random things, threw them in this room, and shut the door. You can imagine after 8 years, how bad it got.

115th blog post and I finally had the courage
to show the world.
I have a dream home office. Even now after 7 hours of cleaning, I am no where close to that ideal. I have made significant strides, and I am hopeful that my re found obsession will eventually get me there.

Look closely at that before, there is no floor. I have been sitting in this room all month long as I told you about my progress, and refusing to look around me. My tunnel vision is impressive, right? My Vet stopped in to check my progress and exclaimed "There is a floor!" It really was that bad.

I made so many trips to the garbage bin, recycle bin, and trunk with donate items, I lost count. I estimate half of the stuff is gone. At that rate, I only have 9 or 10 more deep cleans of this room to achieve my ideal.

Even though I am not satisfied with my office yet, in general the house is in good shape. In response to your support, encouragement, and questions, I will be posting some follow ups this week. I am working on a down loadable 30 day deep clean list, to motivate you. I am also going to post photos of a whole house tour, so you can see all the afters's brought together.

Thanks for sharing this latest challenge with me. I am sure that I another self improvement challenge is just around the corner. So no need to fear a withdrawal from my sordid life.

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