Thursday, August 2, 2012

30 Days to Clean: Day 19

Kids 'clean' vs. Mom clean
I feel like I did a lot of cleaning today. Yet, at 7:30 I was just starting to clean the carpet in the girls room!

 During nap, when I normally get a lot of my cleaning done, I grabbed the neighbor girl and headed out to run some errands on my bike. When I got home, my new vacuum had arrived. I of course, had to assemble it and vacuum the entire house immediately. I love it! I have had many vacuums with the spiny thing, hand held attachment. Until now, I have never had one that actually worked. It has awesome suction power, and is way lighter than my old vacuum.

When I was done playing with my new toy. I had to get to work and clean the bathroom. I found a powerful, hard water stain, cleaning agent in the bucket of cleaners that my mom brought me, long before I started this clean. It works really good, but I can't breathe with out a mask. I don't know that I should be using it in small enclosed areas, like bathrooms...

When I do the master bath, I also clean the master bedroom. When I clean the kids'/guest bath, I also clean the kids' and guest bedrooms. My kids are expected to clean up toys etc. but I haven't started them vacuuming and washing stuff yet. When they offer to help, I let them, knowing that I will have more to clean up in the end. I like to encourage them now though, so later it won't be so bad.

The girls ended up going to bed only an hour later than normal. They fell asleep fast enough, I got to watch some Women's All-Around Gymnastics!

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