Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not so Nasty

A friend got a nice Espresso dining set when she first got married. Now a little over 7 years, and 3 bouncing baby boys later, the white cushions are no longer white. Recently I was at her house for lunch, and she was completely embarrassed to have me sit at her table. Since I have done many small home improvement projects over the years, I knew an inexpensive and quick way to have it looking like new again.

You can accomplish this with some basic tools. Fabric, Scissors, Staple Gun and Staples, Hammer, Screw Driver, and about 2 hours.
*I started by removing the cushions from the chairs. This set simply had 3 screws per chair.
*Then I rolled out my fabric, and cut pieces that where a few inches wider that the cushion was wide and thick. Since her boys are still toddler/preschoolers we went with an easy to wash cream vinyl from a local fabric warehouse.

* Start by placing 1 staple in the center of each side.

*Then place a staple in the center of the corner

* You can either fold the fabric at the corner and secure with a staple, or do as I did. I chose to ease the fabric around the corner, I put one staple about 1 inch to the left of my center staple. Then push down the fabric in the center and staple, then pushed down the fabric between those staples and staple again.

*Continue that process until you have completed the corner. Then you continue stapling in the middle of 2 staples, repeat until you finish the sides and other corners.

*Trim the excess Fabric. Be sure that your screw holes are visible for reattachment.

*Use a hammer on any staples that didn't completely go into the wood. (FYI - use staples short enough that you will not feel them on the other side when you sit down!)
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  1. Great post! I need a friend like you! I'm always full of "we can do that" and then full of the 'don't follow through'"

    Nicely done!

    1. Love all the positive energy you are sending my way. I had gotten the vinyl for one of my unfinished projects, that stayed unfinished long enough we got rid of it.. I had enough to help this friend with 6 chairs and another with 8!

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