Monday, August 22, 2011

Enjoying the Ride

On Friday we packed the car and headed up North to my cousin's place in Nashwauk, MN.

Since the Timberline originally started in Princeton we had a pretty scenic trip. Driving around Mille Lacs Lake is always a treat. I love watching the water, the boats and looking at the variety of original small cabins and the newly built cabins that are larger than my home. I love all the architecture, landscaping, and the occasional giant fish, or alien painted boulder.

After arriving we had exactly the evening we expected. Tom and Robin grilled burgers and brats, along with some potato salad, chips, and ice tea made with a mixture of Lipton tea and one chai (I think) and some lemon, Yummy I will have to write it down next time so I can give you the recipe. The prerequisite bonfire to keep us warm in the brisk evening (The chill kept the mosquitoes away!) then we sat around visiting, and watching satellites & shooting stars in the night sky. Exactly everything I could have hoped, for a trip 'Up Nort'.

Saturday started just as fine. Oatmeal, buttermilk pancakes loaded with giant blueberries, along with local, hand cut, bacon. Robin and I loaded the girls in the convertible for a trip into Grand Rapids while the guys fished. Just as we were coming into town, the idiot lights came on, the car died and smoke started to billow out the front. We got the girls out and sat them at this bench that just happened to be right were we needed it. Within minutes the sheriff and another guy stopped and helped me push it into a nearby parking lot so we could wait for the guys. Then a nice young mechanic stopped to see if he could help, Dave from the Caribbean by way of Manhattan has been in Grand Rapids for a couple of years now, and by the time my husband got there, the car was running and in good enough condition to get us home on Sunday! God is good, and so are his people.
Us girls had an enjoyable time at a reproduction logging camp where we listened to stories (some VERY tall ones.) and caught a slice of what life would have been like. After enjoying our afternoon we picked up a new battery for the pontoon and met the guys at the boat launch to do some fishing with the girls. (Us girls weren't the only ones to have engine troubles). We tooled around the lake and ate some snacks that we had brought, and I learned the process of harvesting wild rice, I really hope to try my hand at it in the future. After finally finding a nice place to fish we put our poles in the water and finally looked behind us. A massive storm providing 40 mile/hour winds was blowing in fast. So in came the poles and we headed to the launch as fast as our 15 horse power motor would let us. We made it in, before the rain, and raced back home to make sure the RV was storm ready while the guys loaded the pontoon. Yet again God had his angels watching out for us. We pulled into the yard just in time to put the hood up on the convertible and get the kids in as the sky opened up. Amidst all the problems things actually went pretty smooth and we had a great time Tom and Robin. I look forward to spending more weekends with them. Watching the Eagles who had a nest near by, the hundreds of humming birds drinking nectar in the back yard, the finches, chipmunks, squirrels, gophers, woodpeckers, and even the stray pig. Sometimes life goes exactly as we plan, more often it goes awry, enjoying it either way is up to you.

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