Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time to get serious

I have been floating for way to long. It is finally time to make some changes.

I don't really know why I finally feel this way. It could be that my older sister started running 3 miles a day and is 2 sizes smaller than she has ever been. It could be that my youngest is almost 3 years old and I need to stop using a 'baby' as my excuse. But I think the real reason is that I am tired of looking at myself in the mirror. I don't like what I see. In restarting this blog I had to go back 1 full year to find a photo of myself. Is that really how much I dislike my appearance?

**UPDATE*** I did find this photo that is only a 2 weeks old :-P

Well it is time. For now I am on my own, but I hope some friends find me and come along for the journey. In addition to my regular life, which I will spend plenty of time on in the coming weeks, here are the goals I have.

  • Run 1 mile without having to stop
  • 1 date night a month
  • Pay off all unsecured debt
  • Be in 1 photo a month

These may seem like small goals to you, but to me they are huge. Family is calling. Thanks for reading. I would love to hear your goals.

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