Thursday, October 17, 2013

She's Getting Crafty Again..

When I originally painted the basement, I had lots of great plans for many of the areas, but I didn't really think about my craft area. Now that everything is so fresh and bright and the kids are spending so much time in their play area, I decided I should spruce up my play area too.

Here's how it looked last summer after a reorganization attempt.

Here it is again right after partially receiving a fresh coat of paint.

I started by doing a little more painting. This window was open during my painting marathon, so I came back to this small area with a brush. While I was at it I took a page from the other areas and painted an accent color behind the shelves. I used left over Greek Column for a subtle grey color. Sorry it's so washed out the fresh white paint on the window made a big difference. You can still see the slight grey color difference though.

Then I once again used scrap from the basement rafters for yet another project. I cut this funky design in a block of wood.
I drilled holes and then used a scroll saw to cut it out. I glued and wedged it into a space in the craft bench. Assembled scrap curtain rod pieces for a makeshift wrapping paper station.
Here it is in all it's glory, just in time for Christmas.
The grey color is much more pronounced in this image than it is in real life.

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