Friday, October 11, 2013

It's About the Grind; No Twerking Here

Sorry about the Twerking reference. I still find it hard to believe it's a thing, Yes I am getting old! I hope that since you've made it this far, you'll stick around this is just the beginning of this project.

While prepping the basement for paint, I have been able to salvage many things from the rafters. Including enough curtain rods to cover all the windows!

As with most salvage projects, my found items didn't exactly fit right away. Some of the rods where too long, some came too far away from the window, and none of them had mounting hardware.

I was fortunate to find one that fit perfectly to use as a template for the others. I measured and marked the pieces for cutting. I then stepped outside and used a grinder to cut down the halves.
My Vet helped with the first one, and I did the others.

I picked up new mounting hardware for less than a $1 a pair, and pre-drilled and screwed them into my freshly painted windows.

I have yet to find fabric I like at a price I like. (I may have just found some inspiration though for a DIY solution) For now the rods are hung and waiting. I was also able to use the scrap pieces from this project for yet another one!

The plane white curtain rod, installed and waiting for curtains.

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