Monday, October 28, 2013

X Marks the Spot!

My girls were invited to a hearties' pirate themed birthday party. The lad was turning 5 and I wasn't really all that sure to what to get a boy. Last year, I made a super hero cape that was a hit. We do give store bought gifts, but I like to try and think outside the box. With a theme like Pirates I could have gone in a dozen directions. After discovering our sea legs, we went with buried treasure.

For the coffer we filled a tin with gold doubloons (gold nugget candy and "gold" US dollar coins). We marked the tin with a giant X figuring he is only 5 and would need a wee bit of help.

We didn't want the booty to be found by a dirty scallywag. So public parks and such were out. Luckily I found a brethren of the coast willing to let some buccaneers avoid any interlopers by using their private island.

We carefully drafted our map on some pilfered canvas using landmarks and buildings. Then aged it with fire and soot for a more authentic look.

Our not so respectable cartography skills resulted in a land lubber rendition, that thankfully still steered the young buccaneer in the right direction.

The happy pirate crew! 
I'd love to hear about any inexpensive and creative gift ideas you have done!

Since your still here. Here is a link to a family favorite.


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  1. Anonymous10/28/2013

    Best Pirate Birthday gift ever. I will steal your idea someday if I get the chance!


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