Monday, August 6, 2012

30 Days to Clean: Days 20 and 21

Rediscovered Craft Center
I'm back! Friday is an outside day, and it was hot. Having a history of heat stroke and knowing I would be outside in the heat making balloon animals for five hours, I needed to be careful. I also had to check the new tent, load the trunk with marketing stuff, and pack everything the girls and I would need for the evening.

Thanks for letting me take a day off. It was pointed out to me on Friday night that it takes 21 consecutive days to make a habit, and I failed at day 20. Um.. thanks?

I know I made the right choice though. when I get to the end of the challenge, I will be only cleaning on weekdays and resting with family and friends on weekends. This current pace is unsustainable, and acknowledging my limits will hopefully prevent another spiritual break in me.

I even fixed, the sagging shelves.
This is my second to last weekend of the challenge, so I better finish the basement. I finished organizing the last few areas of shelving, swept away a lot of cobwebs, stepped on a lot of spiders, and mopped the floors. It is now ready for a dousing of creepy crawly killer, followed by some fresh paint.

I also mowed the lawn, picked up some free paint at Ace Hardware for a future project, took the new to us boat on its maiden voyage, canned some salsa, and tried my hand at homemade baked corn chips.

I think I made up for Friday?

One of the best things about this weekend was having friends over. We went boating again then had dinner at our house. Usually I am running around the house all day, trying to make it presentable, and not succeeding, because I started out so far behind. This time I watched a movie with the family, and read some. I only ran around for about 30 minutes, and that was just getting the kids ready to boat, and dinner ready for the oven!

Having a clean house is positively affecting more than just the environment. It feels like so many other areas of my life are suddenly getting under control too!

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