Tuesday, August 7, 2012

30 Days to Clean: Day 23

Bug graveyard, hanging over the dinner table.
Thanks for stopping by today! I am going to be quick so that I can get the kids hair washed and watch some women's sand volleyball. :-)

My regular cleaning called for the living room and stairs today. I am still really loving my new vaccum. In addition to dusting, vaccuming etc. I also dead headed the house plants and pruned where needed. I also cleaned out the light fixtures, throughout the house

The most notable thing about my day, is everywhere I look, I smile. It feels really good to have cleared out all the clutter that has been weighing us down.

I can't wait until I can reduce the deep cleaning agenda for the week, and get to some fun projects that will make some of the spaces even better! Painting, woodworking, and sewing are much better ways to spend my afternoons!

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