Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good Measure

I saw this great idea on Pinterest, and decided I had to make two! One for me and my girls, and one for my sister's new family. It really wasn't hard at all. I started with a 12 foot length of 1x8 pine that I had left over from a previous project. I measured 6 feet and cut. Now I had 2 boards for my "rulers".

Using a Measuring Tape and a pencil I made marks along the board every inch.

I then used a Steel Square to make 1 inch lines at every mark. (Every third line I made 1.5")
I used my computer to print out numbers 1-6
Scribbled on the back with a pencil to create carbon for the transfer
Then I simple outlined the numbers transferring the carbon to the board so I would have lines to follow. At the Bottom I placed the 1 foot mark 6 inches/marks from the bottom. This allows for hanging above trim on the wall and makes the ruler taller since most people in my family are over 6 feet tall.

I then warmed up my wood burning tool, and slowly burned the lines and numbers into the 'ruler'. You could paint them, but I felt that the burning gave it a more authentic 'old school ruler' look.
Finished ruler hanging in the girls room.

I then lightly sanded and brushed on polyurethane (sanding between coats).

Nailed on a hanger at exactly 5 feet. (makes it easier to hang, measure up 5 feet from floor put in nail or screw, hang)

Since I already had all the materials on hand this project didn't cost me a thing, and was super cute!

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