Tuesday, June 26, 2012

4th Day of Juice

32oz taunting me as I type
Don't get me wrong, I love fruits and vegetables, I even like brussel sprouts, peas, and beets. As a kid I would even drink the tomato juice mom had in the fridge. Now on day four of this juice fast I am struggling. The mere thought of vegetable juice, triggers my gag reflex. Walking home to make breakfast this morning I decided to stick to fruits and made Orange, grapefruit, lime. Yummy I will be drinking that long after this challenge is over.

My Vet made lunch again today. A giant concoction with, watermelon, celery, broccoli, and allegedly pineapple. Did I mention my gag reflex? Apparently smelling it is as bad as thinking about it. When will this feeling in my stomach subside?

I also want to mention the dull headache I have had since day One. In the video, several people mentioned getting them day one and never again. So I didn't think anything about it at first. It felt like a sinus headache, so this morning I took some allergy medicine and it is gone now. Hopefully for good.

For dinner I tried a "stomach calming" combination of cabbage, carrots, and apple. I am ready to quit. The scale shows zero change, the headache that was under control during lunch is back. I have not had any extra energy. About 8 years ago I lost more weight than I have now to lose. I did it by eating right and exercising. I quickly got back to that after my first child. It was only after my second that it got out of control again. I blame an extremely slow recovery from the C-section, and being confined to the house the entire duration of a really long, really cold Minnesota winter. Earlier this year I lost 15 lbs and have kept them off. Even though I fell off the, eat right and exercise, wagon on a trip to MO filled with homemade yummy deep dish pizza, still warm from the oven gooey butter cake, and a new melt in your mouth treat, goose feathers.

All I can think about is all the food I want to eat when this is over. (Sounds like a good way to erase any loses.) With the eat right and exercise method, I was allowed to eat treats and still lose. I know that is why I was able to keep it off for so long. I look forward to my old method based on the "8 Minutes in the Morning" method of weight loss.

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