Saturday, June 23, 2012

Juice Fast Day One

Day 1, Meal 1
Friday night My Vet and I put the girls to bed, and sat down to watch a movie on "The Flix". He choose "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead", I had noticed this in the queue, and was not the least interested so yeah! (To avoid confusion: italics in this case mean sarcasm.)

Now it is Saturday, My Vet has headed off to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up a juicer. (I signed up on their website and forwarded a 20% off coupon to his smart phone.) Then Aldi, Sams, and who knows where else to pick up fruits and veggies so we can start a 10 day Juice Fast.
$70 in Fruits and Veggies Ouch!!
My Vet is really excited to try it. I am being supportive. :-)

While he left to go shopping the girls and I  biked to the new bakery for donuts. :-) Then to the Farmer's Market where we found a good deal on Swiss Chard and Green Onions. Here we go..
Before the Juice Fast

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  1. Cindy- I've always wanted to try a juice fast. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Meal 1 is REALLY green!


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