Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Berry Good Day 5

Including a few things for the girls $50 in additional
fruits and veggies
Last night I was done. I went to bed "knowing" that today I would tell you it was over. Thank you, to all of you who are encouraging me and following my journey. It is your words that have me going 1 more day.

Breakfast was pleasant. Tomatoes, green apple, and a glove of garlic. (I did need a piece of gum after the garlic though).

For lunch I followed the advice of a friend and stuck with fruit. Pineapple, strawberry, grapes, and blueberries. My stomach is feeling much better, and I am heading to the store this afternoon to restock our supplies...

My oldest didn't want to get caught on camera eating
I think that is a twinge of green in her eyes.
As soon as the camera was off she grabbed a
big handfull and shoved them in her mouth!
Look closely at today's shopping trip. Yes, that is another case of blueberries. We love blueberries in this house. You might even notice that one of those pints is empty. A casualty of the ride home. As a kid I thought everyone in Minnesota ate blueberries all the time. (Special thanks to my aunt who would make blueberry pancakes when we visited!) Since they are priced so good in the summer, I stock my freezer, and even can them. That way, I get to eat them whenever I want without breaking my grocery budget. They are on sale a little early this year, which is excellent since we ran out in early May this year!!! (My girls love blueberries as much as I do.)

For supper we whipped up a drink we had made before, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, and lime. Last time I left on the lime rind and substituted zuchinni. It wasn't bad tonight. But it was definitely better the first time. In the inspiration movie, they drank 4 a day. We've only been doing 3. (knowing we could have another if we got hungry.)

Today felt productive. I spent a couple hours decluttering my office. When I was done and looked around though, I realized I still have hours more work to do. I think I will publish this post so I can hang in my living room instead!

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