Friday, March 9, 2012

Hunger Challenge Day 6

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This morning's breakfast choices were slim. The girls finished off the cereal and I had some yogurt, and an egg on a tortilla, trying to save the bread for tomorrow's lunch. Luckily I have a plan for tomorrow's breakfast. Lunch was abundant though. My Vet continues to have salads and I had a giant bowl of white chicken chili.

Help from my sous chefs!
Because we always live on a pretty tight grocery budget, I have regularly scheduled treat meals. So today is Pizza Day. Sometimes we are able to splurge and eat out. More often we eat pizza at home: both Aldi and Walmart have very inexpensive take and bake pizzas ($6-7 each); when I can pick up frozen pizza for close to $1, I buy as many as I can; When I have enough time, I like to make it from scratch. I have used the premade crusts ($4 for 2), the basic dough recipe from Betty Crocker, bread machine dough, and sourdough. Tonight we are going to eat the $1 frozen pizza I picked up for the Challenge, and supplement it with a from scratch version, with sliced tomatoes covered with veggies and some of the Cheddar Cheese I had left. It was yummy, and we ate way to much!

After eating Blueberry Dessert Pizza on a recent splurge pizza night, I decided to try making it. Dessert pizza is super simple to make, and tastes fantastic! (I did a plain version with just cinnamon this week).

One of the grocery items I picked up for the challenge
that I didn't need to waste the budget on. :-(
After dinner, My Vet spent some quality time with the girls, while I was at the High School, setting up our booth for the Business Expo. Hockey is on tonight so I will be catching a movie on Netflix, when I finish this post!

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