Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hunger Challenge Day 1

The Hunger Challenge Day 1:

Today is all about prep work.

I prefer convenience foods, but I hate to pay extra for it. My solution is to spend time cleaning, cutting, and dividing my groceries every week after I shop. This usually only takes an hour or so, but today took about 2 hours of effort because of dealing with the chicken. By doing this my fruits and vegetables last longer, are easier to use, and quick to snack on.

Vegetable prep. Cutting lettuce with a plastic knife to
prevent wilting/browning
Celery - clean, cut into 3-4 inch pieces and store in a freezer bag. (I reuse my bag from week to week so I am wasting less.)
Green, Red, Yellow, Orange Peppers- clean, cut into strips, and freeze they can be used as is, or quickly chopped for recipes
Onions- Peel, slice into rounds the can be used as is, or quickly chopped for recipes
Carrots- I usually buy baby carrots, because my kids will eat those. I will mix carrots, celery, radishes, grapes etc. into easy to grab snack bags. (Not only is this great when in a hurry, or tired, but ready to eat healthy snacks keeps me from raiding the candy jar.)

**this week I picked up oranges, but weeks when I get pineapple, grapes, strawberries etc. I clean/cut them and store in an airtight container

Hard boil 1 dozen eggs. I slice the eggs to add protein to the salads, and to eat them for breakfast. Boiled eggs are about 30 calories less than fried eggs. I like to slice them and place on a tortilla with a little salsa, or with a piece of toast. For me the most frustrating part of hard boiled eggs is when they don't peel well. I have found using week old eggs to boil, reduces this problem. Be sure to mark your eggs so you know which ones are the hard boiled ones. Boiling them by the dozen also reduces the amount of energy you use to cook the eggs, vs. cooking them one at a time.

I am a snacker, but my husband is a meal guy not a snacker. So this week I am making him some salads that he can just grab and eat. (After looking in the fridge he excitedly exclaimed "We get to eat like kings this week!")

Roast 3 Chickens- Besides having roast chicken for lunch today. We will be using the meat throughout the week, and using the carcases to make broth for soup base. I could have cooked them throughout the week, but cooking them all at once in a counter top roaster is the most energy efficient. I also prepared a menu for the week that allows me to use precooked meat in the recipes in order to reduce prep time during the hectic week.

I used the drippings to make a gravy for tomorrow's Chicken Pot Pie dinner.

And finally, started a Sourdough Starter. I am debating making sour dough pizza on Friday or using the frozen one I purchased. If I go with the frozen, then I will use it to make Cinnamon rolls for Saturday Breakfast. Either way it needs a week to sour.

I found that instead of the time it takes to normally prep for the week. It was more like a freezer cooking day in the amount of effort and planning it took.

After prepping all day. Supper was a simple affair. I whipped up a half batch of Egg Noodles and mixed some chicken in a small pot of Chicken Stock. (I reserved some stock for the White Chicken Chili I will make later in the week.)
It tasted just like my Grandma Gertie's chicken and noodles that I loved so much as a child.

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  1. Oh Cindy! I loved Gertie's noodles too! Was thinking about them the other day! awohhhh!


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