Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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Yesterday I started my mad dash to be ready for the holidays. Today, I headed outside before the big chill gets here. Yep, a big dip in temperature. Since it is the end of November, my best guess is that winter is about to start. That means it is finally time to get to my fall yard clean up.

I don't know about you, but we get a ton of leaves. In years past I have tried a variety of leaf collecting methods. They all are still a lot of work, and I would rather just sit inside and watch a movie.

But alas, I can do that no longer. Last week I ran around the yard a few times one evening with the lawn mower, attempting to mulch the vast amount of leaves. I did make a dent, but it got too dark before I was able to finish. So today I used my trusty rake to move leaves from the edges and other areas that the big mower doesn't reach to the middle of the yard.

Leaves I raked in from the edges and off the
patio. Not too bad this time around
I also have this roughly 20 x 65 foot section in front of the fence that gets a ridiculous number of leaves that blow in.

It's really hard in this picture to see how deep
they are, sorry but I was in a hurry to get it done.

Lots of energy later, this is how it looked. Not perfectly leaf free, but I'm beat, and my hands can barely type from the claw like grasp that remains. It really is amazing how the leaves get frozen to the ground when you wait too long! Oops


I did leave a couple of festive fall themed items on the porch that I will swap out with Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving.

Being a proud mom I had to share this photo too. After getting home from school she went next door to help the neighbor.
Glad that's done. I think I might start tomorrows project tonight so that I have time to finish. See you tomorrow!

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