Thursday, November 7, 2013

Faux Roman Shade

Hanging curtains this past weekend, has inspired me to find a purpose for a swatch of fabric I've had for almost a year.

I started by ironing and stitching the edges over.
Created a pocket for the bottom hem.

Created my pleat and then used a hem stitch. I tried to highlight a bit for you.

Here's how it looks from the front.

I used a scrap piece of wood and closet rod sockets to hang it.


Don't worry about the items that were already in the window. On my mom's last visit she assured me that she had intended for me to use and abuse the cute blueberry potholder. You'll see that again down the road in future food posts. The kids craft project just got a new home in the girls room.
Again with the before.

Have you done any quick updates around your home lately?



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