Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Rug Doctor is In

Lucky for me cleaning the carpets is next up on my list. Why am I so lucky you ask? Look what I just found.

Sorry I know gross, but sometimes mom's just have to take a deep breath and get to work.

Today I am a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. I actually did half of the work last night. Since I found that lovely gift from the dog, and I knew today would be crunched for time. I decided to get a head start. Now cleaning these 2 rooms usually takes me two days, just like this time. My house isn't huge, so I move everything into one area and smaller things into the bedrooms and clean the open space.

Cramped, but usable.

Then I turn on the fans for speedier drying and the next day, move it all to the now clean side and start over.


Yes I do it often enough I have a system. I try to clean the carpets at least twice a year. With dogs, lots of kids in and out, and allergies it makes sense. It also makes sense when you see this.

Gross right? Can you believe I just did it this spring? No wonder I want to change it up! Here is a shot of me at work.
Please excuse my Angelina Jolie stance with my one leg awkwardly in the photo. Yes I usually do it barefoot so my socks don't get wet, and rolling my pants, keeps them dry too! If your wondering this is my Royal Procision 7910 Carpet Extractor that I have had for about 8 years. I had a Bissell before that I liked too, I just used it too much I guess.

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  1. Rob Riddle11/20/2013

    We have white carpet so I get to shampoo mine about 6 times a year and I spot clean more often than that.


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