Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Days of Valentine's: Kids Cards

There are so many fantastic ways to present your Valentine's Day cards. I went to Pinterest for inspiration and found this gem.
We are one of those household that has to throw candy away. So if I can find a cute way to inexpensively gift small toys instead of loads of candy, we go that route. As you can guess I was thrilled with this idea.
I started by ordering bouncing balls on Amazon. You can probably find them lots of other places, I just needed to increase my order so I could get free shipping without being a Prime member. I also had gift certificate money waiting for me to use, so they were actually free!
I really liked the inspiration bouncing balls, but my kid really liked the glow in the dark ones, and since planets glow as stars I figured it would be OK.
We made enough for the entire class, and a few extras for friends. Cutting them out was tedious, and I wish I had a heart die cut, but it was still a good activity to do with the kids.
We traced a cookie cutter for the heart shape, getting 6 per paper
A lid from a tube of frosting was a perfect fit for the bouncing balls.
The hardest part was writing on the black. I purchased a white paint pen just for this project. It didn't work, the paper soaked up the paint as fast as I could write. Not wanting to go back out in the cold, I tried an old silver pen from my scrapbooking supplies.

Not exactly the stark contrast I was hoping for, but the price tag was right!
Oops just noticed I spelled word instead of world! 
Good thing they haven't gone out yet.
Now that all of the kinks are worked out, it's time for the girls to get to work making them.
What are your plans for Valentine's Day treats this year? (Or send some photo's of years' past.)

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