Wednesday, February 12, 2014

7 Day's of Valentine's Day: Show Me Some Love

My hair (4 inches shorter)
I don't always put me first. Sure I make sure I have my daily God time, and I have my daily coffee, but I don't spend much time on my appearance. I've needed a hair cut for at least 4 months, but other things have taken financial priority.

This week of love has encouraged me to show some love to me. I don't color my hair since I know how bad the roots would get since I wait so long between visits to the salon. So it could look worse, I know ringing endorsement. Since it's what's inside that counts I don't think my friends have minded too much.

It was also nice to have an hour to myself. I enjoyed chatting with the ladies and sharing some great savings tips using SwagbucksEbates and ExpoTV.

Are you always in fashion or do you need help like I do? Do you neglect your needs in favor of your families'? What do you need to do for you?

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