Thursday, February 13, 2014

7 Days of Valentine's: Family Date Night

My Vet and I waited a long time to be blessed with a family. We had plenty of Valentine's Days as just us, so we've made it a tradition to celebrate as a family.
February 14th falling on a Friday has made it possible for us to change it up this year. That's right we are all going out!
Older photo of us at the movies!

I am absurdly excited for Pizza and a Movie. I'm reminded of an earlier Friday Valentine's Day when we didn't make reservations and had to go to pizza in order to have any chance of making it to a movie. A feel good movie about relationships, and finding the laughter and love amongst our quirks, and the trials of life. Pretty good message I would say. It's not about the activity, enjoy each other whatever the circumstance. Smile, laugh, and most importantly love.

Are you planning an evening with or without the kids?

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