Monday, February 3, 2014

Puppet Theater Plans

During the Christmas crunch time, I had one gift left to give. I knew what I wanted to make for months, but I procrastinated for months. It only took me a couple of hours to create this fun little theater.

Materials List
Full Flat sheet
1/4 yard black fabric
1/4 yard contrasting fabric
1/2 inch width wooden dowel
Tension rod

I like to keep things pretty simple, so I started by measuring the width of the doorway = 30 inches. Since I was using a sheet I determined height by the width of the sheet. Cutting 31 1/2 inches off the bottom gave me enough to hem the one side that wasn't already hemmed.

I cut the sheet into 5 pieces to create the theater window. Then it's time to hem again. The top of the bottom panel needs to be folded and stitched to create a pocket just large enough for a dowel rod. (1 1/4 inch pocket worked for me.)

Hem the inside edges of the curtain creating a hemmed L and reverse L.

Now it's time to  stitch the outside edges to the "walls". Do this by laying right sides together. Before stitching place a length of ribbon 2 inches from the bottom. The black background fabric needs to be hemmed on the bottom and 2 sides. (leave the top edge raw)

Attach the background, walls, and curtains to the top. Layering right sides together so that curtains will turn out in front of the background.

Attach the bottom of the walls to the top of the bottom panel. Be careful not to attach the bottom edge of the curtain.

Feed the dowel into the lower pocket and the tension rod in the top pocket. Tie back the curtains with the ribbons, and hang up for the kids to enjoy!

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