Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I did it, I did it, I did it yeah!

Last night I was watching Get out Alive with Bear, and they were crossing a ravine on a rope. As they were grunting and screaming that it hurt so bad, their teammates were cheering them on. I was sitting in my easy chair and every time I started to think "just get on with it" I remembered how hard it has been for me to plank for a measly 5 minutes. Those are some tough cookies, You are not going to catch me on that show.

After the show I set my alarm to get up early to get mine in this morning. Partly because of that rope challenge, and partly because I promised Tuesday morning updates, and I am not going to fall behind again.

Again it is just me, and I noticed that I am mostly out of frame, I guess I haven't gotten that great at asking for all that help yet! No music since I don't want to be targeted for pirating, but feel free to hum along to the tunes playing in my head. A combination of "I Will Survive" and "Eye of the Tiger".

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