Monday, August 26, 2013

6 days, 4 years

I don't know about you, but with school, work and snow we don't leave home much in the winter. So summer is when we get to see our extended family. It's good for the girls to know that they are a part of something much bigger, and to see other people with similar idiosyncrasies. Lots of people are weird, but only family is weird like us.

This summer we were able to travel more than we have in a long time. Our family is at a stage where we don't have lots of graduations, weddings, or baby showers every summer. So we can go long times without seeing any one. So reunions need to be planned, it's been great to catch up with cousins that I can't remember the last time I saw them, we also found some time for visiting some of their homes.

Since My Vet can't always get away from work, me and the girls do stuff on our own, and it's becoming a annual tradition to visit my sister in the Black Hills. It's about 11 road hours between my house and hers. We get stops along the way to see my other sisters and pick up mom. We also spend a lot of time in the car once we get there getting from one attraction to the next. All this car time means we have lots of time to visit. It gave my 4 year old lots of time to think and ask questions.

The first question came about 45 minutes into the trip and repeated itself in various ways throughout the entire trip.

*How long until we get to Grandma's?
*We'll be there when the 9 is a 12?
*It still says 9?
*Are we in Tom's town?
*I can't wait anymore.
*It's the big head with horns!
*Is that Grandma's town?

That was just the first 5 hour stretch so you get the idea. Amidst the constant location updates, she sprinkled a variety of random questions.

When we drive Santa around next time can I ask him for a Barbie Mermaidia Movie?
Can we watch Barbie Princess and the Pauper?
What's a pauper?
What is poor?
Do you think that (Semi) looks like Octopus Prime?
Is Octopus-Optimus Prime a good guy?
What is Megatron?
What is a Decepticon?
Is Bumble Bee an Autobot?
Why is it foggy?
What is fog?
How does it burn off?
The sun is out now, why isn't it melted?
How long 'till we pick up Henry?
Why are there so many sunflowers?
What's a crop duster?
Why does it go back and forth?
What is pesticide?
What is fertilizer?
Why does it fly so low?
I lost a rock, can you help me find it?
How does hamburger come from cows?
How do they kill the cow?
What if it has babies?
I lost another rock, can you help me find it?
Where do the babies go to live?
Does it hurt?
What about chicken strips?
I lost another rock, can you help me find it?
Why can't I take my rocks in the car any more?
What's that?
Not the mini golf that?
Why is there a shark?
What is that guy(mannequin) doing?
Can we go there some time?
Why does mini golf have a waterfall?
I lost a penny, can you help me find it?
Does that place have a penny smashing machine?
I know we are waiting for a table for lunch, can I buy a bag of chips to eat while we wait?
Why are the deer always on her side?
Why don't I ever get to see any?
I saw one! did you see it?
Why are there so many deer?
Why haven't you ever taken me there?
What is a reptile?
I don't like reptiles. I don't ever want to go there.
Is that a crescent moon?

I lost a quarter, can you help me find it?
When will it be a circle moon?
What's a zip line?
Can I go on a ride?
Can I play a game?
Can I have cotton candy?
Can I have ice cream?
Can I have a balloon animal?
Can I ride the train?
What is a cash scramble?
Where are my coins?
Why did you take my $.90 in change and give me just a dollar bill?
Why are there so many clowns?
What is a Llama?
Can we play in the fountain and see the cement guys?
Can we go to dinosaur park?
Can we do both?
Can you take my picture?
Can I take your picture?
Why is the land bad?
What is barren?
Can I climb?
What is a rattle snake?
Do they bite super hard?
Why do you need to go to the hospital?
Anti venom?
Why don't they like people?
Why don't people like rattle snakes?
Can you tell me the entire story of Adam and Eve?
Are deer afraid of rattle snakes?
Why don't snakes have feet?
Why did Eve eat the fruit?
What is a prairie dog?
Can you help me find my penny?
Why do prairie dogs live in little hills?
When will we be done in the badlands?
Are prairie dogs afraid of rattle snakes?
Can I take a picture of the prairie dogs?
Why is the badlands so long?
Are horses afraid of rattle snakes?
Did God make me from some boy's rib?
Why do people die?
Why is this town so big?
Do people have to die before they go to heaven?
I miss grandpa, do you grandma?
Why does she have a bow in her hair in this picture, she doesn't in the movie?
What's a pauper?
What's a princess?
Why would she dress up for the cover photo?
Why does she have a bow in her hair in this picture, she doesn't in the movie?
She doesn't have a mom to tell her to dress up.
She doesn't have a friend to tell her to dress up.
Why does she have a bow in her hair in this picture, she doesn't in the movie?
I can't wait any more, when will the badlands be done?
Why don't we see rattle snakes on the road?
Why do rattle snakes like to lay in the sun?
Are rattle snakes super fast?
We are out of the badlands! Now can we watch a movie?
How long to the Swanson's?
I always turn this way. Are we close?
What is that on the water?
What is a pelican?
Where is my rock?
Why isn't Henry coming with us?
Why does he want to stay with his mom?
Why can't Ellie come?
Why can't Gracie come?
Why can't Jack come?
Why can't Henry come?
Why is he afraid to stay overnight without his mom?
Why is the sun red?
Why does the sun set?
It goes to the other side of the world right?
Why is it getting dark?
Are those lights grandma's town?
Why are we washing the car?
Why are dry bugs harder to wash off?
Why do you hit the bugs?
Why is it foggy again?
Where does the fog come from?
Can we take our picture with that?
Why are we stopping at this rest stop?

You made it to the end! By this point in the car, there was no radio, just a quiet movie, and enforced silence. After arriving home further questions came about why we're not going to drive anywhere for at least 24 hours.

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