Saturday, August 31, 2013


I've been slowly working on this project all summer. Now it's finally time for paint!!!

This past week has been filled with hauling, covering, and cleaning. It seems as though every nook and cranny in the rest of the house is filled with stuff. It's a good thing I had another garage sale earlier this summer. It has also been the hottest week of the summer, and it slowly dawned on me that we would have to turn off the AC and open the entire house for ventilation. Oh crap!

While I tried to problem solve this with My Vet, I could hear in his voice that he was getting quit angry. I told him I didn't want to fight and was going to bed. His parting words were questioning the point of this project. Uh Oh! I usually do these big projects when My Vet is out of town, but this time it just wasn't going to work out. I went to bed thinking I needed to pull the plug, then I ran across this, and knew I just needed to stick it out.

The next day as I was slowly making more forward progress on the final prep. My Vet brought home a full body suit for me to use while spraying the paint. Yep even though he doesn't understand my vision yet, he is still supportive. Now I just hope that when this is all finished, it turns out as well as I see it in my head!

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