Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our First Gingerbread House!

It is Sunday afternoon and Jeremy is watching the football game. What better time for us girls to go in the kitchen and make a gingerbread house.

I had grand plans of making the gingerbread from scratch and cutting out the shapes with a knife. I pulled out the cookbook, checked the recipe, and wrote down the ingredients I needed, then off to the store.

While out I need to run to Aldi to pick up a few things, and guess what I saw right at checkout?

A Gingerbread House kit with precooked and cutout shapes, frosting, candy, and even a special tray to help it stand all for just $6.99. So this year we cheat. :-)

It was simple to assemble and I helped with the frosting, But the girls had a blast with the 'decorations' and eating the remnants. If we had made it all from scratch we could have wasted away the entire game, but now we are free to play, blog, and interrupt dad while he finishes watching the game.

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