Thursday, December 1, 2011

Follow up for today's couponing session at ECFE

Welcome to my blog! We had such a great discussion I forgot to mention a few things. I hope that you find some useful things on my blog.

I wanted to point out that the business cards I passed around and the cute personalized tote that I was carrying everything in, I got for FREE* at I sometimes have to do a google search to find the right link for the free tote, coffee mug, notebook, calendar or pen. The free business cards, car magnets, etc are usually easy to find on their site.
* You do need to pay for shipping I go with the 21 day option. I have NEVER had it take that long, but if you need something fast, remember it is Christmas and everything is taking longer right now.

I like to plan ahead so I usually start ordering things in the summer. Personalized calendars with your family photos and ALL your family birthday's, anniversaries, and other important dates make GREAT gifts for the grandparents who most likely don't need/want anything.

Last Christmas I made personalized Totes for all the ladies at our annual Christmas Baking party.

A cute personalized coffee mug with a $5 Caribou Gift card makes a great Secret Santa gift for work. The possibilities are endless..

The best way to save on gifts is to be organized and start early. Last minute shopping usually costs a lot more!

****Spoke with the Princeton Coborn's Meat Manager, The best time to find great deals is any day BEFORE noon. So happy hunting. :-)****

We also had some discussion on Christmas Gifts. Good Morning America has announced that they are going to offer GMA viewers EXCLUSIVE AMAZING daily deals. They are on the GMA website and you must use promo codes and they expire daily in most cases. For more info watch this video on yahoo.

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