Thursday, December 22, 2011

What do you think? Am I a Hoarder?

Recently several of my friends have called me a hoarder. I have laughed 'knowing' I wasn't one of THOSE people.

I am prepared. I have a closet of inexpensive gifts for kid parties and occasions when you wish you had something to take with you. But we live 25 minutes from the nearest Walmart so it makes sense. Right?

My pantry is usually pretty well stocked, but I coupon so I stock up when the price is right, and I keep good track of what I have and expiration dates. I rotate my stock to use up stuff before it goes bad. So I am just being frugal. Right?

I occasionally have something that has been pushed to the back of the fridge that gets moldy. But doesn't everyone?

I have been able to convince myself that I am normal. That is until today. With Christmas only a couple days away, I have been doing some cleaning, and decided it was time too purge my expired coupons. It has been 6 months since I last purged and in that time I had amassed an insane amount of coupons. (See the photo above.) I once again only have 6 months of coupons in my file crate, and the stacks on the floor are gone. Looking at the ECONOMY sized diaper box Full and still almost fill another...

Maybe I am a hoarder?

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