Friday, December 27, 2013

Make Your Own Dinner!

I know my kids aren't old enough for that yet, it doesn't stop them from wanting to play kitchen though. I had been given a free used play kitchen that had seen better days, but the kids still had hours of fun with it. I had dreamed of making them something fancier though. When I was a kid, my sister and I spend many fun hours playing in our kitchen, I wanted my kids to have the same memories.

I've seen many entertainment centers converted to kitchen on Pinterest, and decided it was time to stop looking and start doing. I found a free entertainment center on Craigslist, found a rehab space away from prying eyes, and got to work.

After plenty of pondering I grabbed my favorite power tools and set to work. It took me about 6 hours to modify it, that included removing/changing doors, filling gaps with wood filler, creating a microwave area, adding a back, cutting plywood for new door configurations etc..

Then I primed the entire piece. Having just finished a painting project I decided to purchase a quality brand of white paint to cover. It still took a total of 4 coats (1 primer, 3 finish) to get a good coverage. I was getting really discouraged after the 3rd coat, white paint and I do not seem to get a long.

I used some acrylic paint to add details to the oven, stove top, microwave and blacksplash. The counter is an enamel paint that I belatedly realized was oil based. Yeah, I get to buy a new pair of jeans. (note the deep sarcasm.) It did make for a nice shiny countertop finish though.

Note the missing handle on the microwave. I forgot...

New jeans aside, this project cost me significantly more than I originally anticipated. Even though I used scrap lumber, the hardware, and paint added up quickly. It also took more time. I sure hope the kids like it...

Yes I realize that the hinge on the top oven is
crooked. I'll fix it later, for now it is done.

On Christmas Eve, My Vet and 2 friends helped haul "The Beast" as he affectionately named it down the stairs and to the trailer to bring it home. After the "Who's were a snooze in their beds" (aka the kids)We moved it into the house and beside the tree, and went to bed.

Oops forgot to put in a blank memory card!

On Christmas morning the girls quickly tore through all of the wrapping paper, and my oldest promptly announced that she "didn't even want a kitchen." dramatic pause so my heart could break a little "But I love it, because you made it." They then spent the next several hours taking orders and making food for us.

The next day after a couple of tense moments, where the stair railing was removed My Vet and father in law safely moved the kitchen to the kids play area in the basement. Some play appliances and a new pair of aprons from a friend of my mom's completed it.

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