Thursday, July 4, 2013

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?

Lame knock-knock joke aside, I have been wanting to change my red door and have gone back and forth between banana or orange?

Old Picture of the red door.

I like the touches of yellow, but I know My Vet isn't a huge fan of the pastel blue or the yellow, So I decided Blaze Orange in honor of his love of hunting would be my inspiration.

I like how it ties in so well. This is becoming my favorite room in the house! Have you been doing any painting lately?
I know removing the screen would make it pop, but WAY to many bugs to do that!
I also updated the hardware with some paint!
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  1. Saw your comment on YHL. I LOVE your orange door. That's definitely a color my husband could get behind for the same reason as yours!

  2. Cindy S7/08/2013

    Love your orange door! It's so fresh and citrus-y!

    You have such a cute house. The picket fence gives it such a cottage feel.

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