Monday, July 22, 2013

Garden Planning

A few years back we moved our fence back into the yard 8 feet. This left a great area for gardening. I've been slowly working on it since then. Most of the plants I transplanted from the neighbors and around the yard with varying degrees of success.

Since I didn't know what many of them were I was at a lost about how to care for them. All of them were over grown at their time of transplant so I cut them all way down, and waited to see what happened. 2 died, 2 are looking great, 2 are in need of pruning and 1 came back so ugly it had to go. The day lilies have grown so much they are ready to be split, which is great because a few others I want to remove.

Needs to be cut down every fall

Needs to be pruned

looking good, mild pruning

oddly shaped but back from the dead!

Pretty but in needs to move

looking great!

My head is starting to spin a little. How am I suppose to remember all this in the fall and spring after the foliage dies off and I have no idea what anything is?

To start I dug out the giant ugly one. (Sorry, got to him before I grabbed my camera, but trust me huge and weird looking) Unlike transplanting when you want the plant to live, it doesn't really matter what time of year it is to successfully kill a plant. Then I took out my tape measure so that I could set my thoughts to paper.

As you can see it is long and skinny.

The circles are colored to represent the flower colors. Black are ones to be permanently removed, arrows show where things will move, and yes that is a question mark, because I still don't know what will grow in that spot. (Luckily, I now know a few that wont.)

I like the idea of obscuring the fence with flowering bushes and having a variety of heights and colors that bloom throughout the season. I love hostas and will keep them as my low plant in the front, I can then add in a few short annuals in between for constant summer color.

I hope that someday I will have an indoor growing system so that I can start more seed and get lots more plants for my $$.
Something like this

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