Monday, July 8, 2013

Rubbed the Right Way

I have lots of little updates happening around the house. I've heard that brass is starting to make a comeback. Since I am no slave to fashion, I am still embracing the Oil Rubbed Bronze movement. Today I was blessed with some mild weather and a little bit of time, so I decided to see what I could get done before My Vet got home.

First I grabbed a screwdriver and started to remove some hardware. Then I remembered I wanted to share it with you and stopped so I could grab a before photo.

I removed grime and old paint from the hardware with some fingernail polish remover, There are probably lots of things that would work. We did pedicures over the weekend so I had it handy.

I finished removing the hardware and found an old piece of foam to anchor my pieces I wanted to paint. Since knobs tend to take a beating, I made sure to prime.

Using a good quality paint, I lightly sprayed several coats of paint. Since they were really light, they dried quickly and I was quickly able to do more coats. The light coats also insured no paint drips.

I then grabbed the ORB and did several more light coats, making sure to get around any moving parts and getting all angles.

After letting it sit for a bit to dry in the shade, I reinstalled and walla!

I liked the results so much I decided to make over all the old mismatched knobs in the house. They look great, but now the hinges look dingy...


  1. Anonymous7/08/2013

    LOVE it!!! Jenny

    1. Thanks! It was so easy, I can't believe I waited so long.

  2. Aw, fun! My husband and I just bought our 1st house 3 weeks ago but haven't done any updates yet, its fun to watch other people do things though!


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