Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Workin' the Wiggles Away


I am budgeting for a new couch, so I really don't want to spend any of that money on other pieces. Unfortunately, the rest of my furniture didn't see that memo. As I was moving chairs to vacuum, I notice a little too much wiggle. No! I grabbed a crescent wrench and a hex driver, and flipped the chairs over. Then I just tightened all of the screws and bolts. Snapped my fingers and was done.
In triumph, I grabbed a celebratory glass of coffee and flung myself into a chair at the table, and it almost crumpled beneath me. I'm not exactly petite, but really? About 3 years ago I completely took this exact chair apart, re-glued all the joints and re-finished the wood. It seems like the spindle leg style never holds up and they are constantly in need of repair. Yippee!! I already know how to do it. I started with a rubber mallet to completely remove the loose spindle. A rubber mallet won't scar the wood like a regular hammer would.
Generously apply glue.
Replace spindles into the holes. In addition to giving them a sharp tap with the rubber mallet, I also used some ratcheting straps to really torque those spindles into place.
Removed any excess glue.
I then used some screws and tried to better secure the spindles to the seat.
After allowing the glue to set for 24 hours, the chair is back in use. For now catastrophe as been averted.

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